Di securo pa claridade

From the darkness into the light
Film about changing social and economic relations in the west of Guinea Bissau. The old and young generation strongly differ in their opinions.

Fatu and Conçeisão are two young women who have lived their entire lives in Biombo. When they started a horticulture project for women in their village, everyone was enthusiastic. The women become increasingly aware though of the fact that, although they earn more money now, their workload has increased immensely while their husbands hardly contribute to the family income. They want to change this situation, but how does one tackle this problem in a society where men are used to be in charge?

SNV, Dutch Development Organisation. 1996. 43 min.


The film was mainly shown in Guinea Bissau and evoked a lot of recognition. In 1998, a war broke out in this little West-African country leading to a lot of destruction. The project closed its doors and has, unluckily, not restarted due to several reasons.



Girl from the village
Selecting rice
Man shows his former ricefields
In love