Freedom on the streets

What is the meaning of freedom on the street for children worldwide? Dutch children make a graffiti wall of freedom in this episode. Madelief Blank acts in the picture ‘Süskind’, a movie about how Walter Süskind helped escape hundreds of Jewish children from the Dutch theatre.
Amina El Youssef makes her own video portrait in which she explains what freedom means to her. She lives in Cairo and is one of the many children who participated in the demonstrations on the Tahrir-square leading to the downfall of Mubarak.

Episode for SchoolTV weekly newscast concerning 4 & 5 May (Remembrance- and Liberation day), NTR, May 2011. 23 min.



totaal vrijheid 2
Graffiti made by youngsters
Amina & Her Mother Gehan
Amina and her mother
mensen op straat
Demonstration Tahrir-square
Amina films her house