The rabbit theory

A documentary about the development of a sprinting talent. A story about the transformation of a timid under-aged illegal immigrant into a self-assured new Dutchman.

Akwasi Frimpong alias GoldenSprint lives in the Amsterdam Bijlmer district. He was born in Ghana. The moment he wins gold at the Dutch national junior sprint championship in 2003, he becomes ‘the’ new sprinter talent. Together with his coach, Sammy Monsels, he practices inexhaustibly to realise his dream of becoming the new Dutch Olympic sprinter. At the same time, he is entangled in a struggle with the Dutch authorities concerning his residence permit. Together with Nicole Batteké, I followed Akwasi in his five year double and emotional struggle.

Producer Interakt. Première in the Bijlmerpark theatre and at the Dutch Film Festival 2010.
Broadcast by RTV NoordHolland, December 2011. 50 min.


Akwasi is worldnews. In february he will realise his Olympic dream at the Olympic Wintergames in Pyeongchang as a skeleon athlete. He will represent Ghana, his country of birth and will be the first mail West-African skeleton athlete to compete in the Olympic Wintergames. An impressive feat. Good luck Akwasi! So good you finally succeeded.

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