Forced evictions

Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life,
his home and his correspondence”
Article 8, European Convention on Human Rights

Dijana Pavlovic lives in Milan and devoted herself to the many Italian Roma people whose houses were crushed by bulldozers from one day to the next. Since 2006, the Italian authorities have cleared many Roma camps and the public feeling concerning Roma is absolutely negative.
It is not only in Milan that the situation becomes increasingly gruesome, also in Rome things are getting worse. Najo Adzovic and his family have lived in Caslino 900, one of the biggest Roma camps in Rome, for a very long time. The sanitary facilities are bad, there is no electricity and an eviction order has been hanging over the inhabitant’s heads for months on end.

Produced commissioned by Amnesty International, 2008. 17 min.

Clearing Roma camp
Under the viaduct
Discussion between Dijana and politicians