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What is the significance of new information- and communication technology like Internet for the position of women worldwide? Personal stories and actual examples of women in Uganda, Costa Rica and Macedonia.

In Uganda, the 70-years-old Anastasia Naminsango travels to the different villages by moped in order to explain the use of computers and CD-roms to women.
Enisa Eminova is a young Roma woman from Macedonia who fights against the taboo on sexuality within the Roma community. She does this in collaboration with other Roma women in Middle- and Eastern Europe.
Costa Rica is the home of an Internet radio station specifically for women. Founders Catharina Anfossi and María Suárez Toro travel throughout the world in order to record and broadcast inspiring stories about women.

The film was presented worldwide on international (women) congresses and seminars.

Film made commissioned by Aletta and produced by The Kasander Filmcompany. 47 min, 2004.

Computer class by Anastasia
Catharina Anfossi
Enisa Eminova
Local radio station
Ruth Omisango