corporate films

Since I started out as a freelance film maker in 2008, I also made films commissioned by different organisations besides my work for public broadcasting companies and audio-visual producers. Apparently, these films are made in close consultation with the client. This is important for me to obtain a clear vision of both the content and the aim of the film.


Whatever the budget, there are always possibilities to create a beautiful film. Obviously, a short film as an introduction to a congress is much cheaper than a longer information film. For a short film, I can shoot the film myself as I own both camera and editing devices; this is cost-reducing. When a bigger budget is available, I like to work with a team of experienced cameramen/women, sound technicians and editors who already participated in the realisation of many beautiful productions.


Before the shooting takes place, I write a screenplay so you can get a good image of the final result and of how your information will be incorporated. In some cases, the people within the organisation tell the story themselves; sometimes we make use of a presenter: a variety of solutions is possible.

Some examples

For its project ‘Open the door’, a client in the mental health sector (Steunpunt GGZ) wanted – instead of the classic information film with experts – portraits of people relating their experience with their psychiatric problems. Another client in the educational field in Amsterdam (ROC) wanted short, one-minute, clip-like spots, appealing to young people for an evening in which they could present their talents.
For every new assignment, I try to discover how the content, aim and emotion the client wants to convey can best be achieved. To me, this joint process is exactly what makes the realisation of commissioned films so special and pleasant.


De National Ombudsman, Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland, Amnesty International, Forum (knowledge institute for multicultural issues), Steunpunt GGZ, ROC Amsterdam, Ymere, Atria, Bureau Bok.

  • Ftah al-Bab: Het verhaal van Badia en Abdelkader
  • Amnesty
  • De aderlating (opdracht Nationale ombudsman)