Stories must affect us, inspire us. This counts for both the maker and the spectator. I was touched by Akwasi’s story in the documentary ‘The Rabbit Theory’ who struggled on and on to get a residence permit while working so hard both at school and during his running practise. It was a personal story in a social context: the rigorous Dutch immigration policy. I wanted to tell his story as well as other stories of people confronting an unjust situation; it is important for me to make their voices heard. These stories are not pitiful, and neither are the people involved. In spite of everything, they continue to believe in a different, a better future.

Beside social subjects, I like to make films and TV-programmes about subjects like sports, culture, history, science and nature. I am a person of wide interests, I dilate upon different contexts and I am creative and versatile.



rinske bosch

I was born in Friesland, studied history in Groningen and am living and working in Amsterdam for almost 20 years as a director of documentary films and TV programs. Amsterdam is a city in motion full of inspiring stories and people. I love to travel to other countries that constantly change and develop just like Amsterdam.

I am always on the look-out for stories of people nearby and far off and thus, in the course of the years, I met Fatu and Conseição in Guinea Bissau, Akwasi in the ‘Bijlmer’ district in Amsterdam, Atty in Friesland, Amina in Egypt and Abdelkader and his sister Badia in Utrecht.